BC Detect

BC Detect (DOMinatorPro NG) helps security testers to analyse and automatically discover DOM Based Cross Site Scripting issues thanks to its Hybrid IAST Engine together with the Smart Fuzzer module.

Client Side Vulnerabilities are the APT of the Cloud Age
Cloud based application and web interfaces heavily rely on Javascript on both the frontend and backend stack. Different execution environments means that security flaws are harder to find and could go unnoticed. Are you sure your stack is safe?

Discover JavaScript Flaws Before Anyone Else Does
Client side vulnerabilities like DOM based Cross Site Scripting (XSS) are currently the most widespread advanced attacks.

Find Client Side Vulnerabilities Easily
Dynamic execution flows, browser quirks, different interpreters: few of the many factors that add up to the inherent difficulty to pinpoint JavaScript security flaws. Conventional tools cannot find them: and if you can't find a flaw, you can't fix it.

JS Frameworks Support

Realtime Dynamic Data Tainting

Scanning Automation

Near-Zero False Positives

The leading platform for

JavaScript Security

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